Friday, July 5, 2019

10 Movies I Liked During the First Half of 2019

Tom Schilling stars in Never Look Away

10. Late Night - Emma Thompson at her best, as a biting, late night talk show host with her career on the line. Mindy Kaling makes a plucky foil as the new and only female writer.

9. Yesterday - Delightful comedy romance about a world where only Himesh Patel remembers The Beatles. Hard-to-beat combination of music, romance and the price of fame.

8. Rocketman - Jukebox musical based on Elton John's life. Taron Edgerton sings great, and the production numbers make this sparkle.

7. Toy Story 4 - Pixar advances computer animation. Tony Hale creates a hilarious new character, and Tom Hanks adds gravitas.

6. Gloria Bell - Julianne Moore plays a modern day Mary Tyler Moore, who hilariously gets even with difficult boyfriend John Turturro.

5. The Perfection (Netflix) - Cello prodigies Alison Williams and Logan Browning combine "Me Too" with "Get Out" and fascinating story telling.

4. Us - Jordan Peele knows how to tell a story and throw in a twist. Lupita Nyong'o gives a master class in acting.

3. The Last Black Man in San Francisco - Jimmie Fails loves his home town and the house where his grandfather lived. A poem to place and family and longing for connection.

2. Booksmart - Olivia Wilde makes a smashing debut as a director. Kaitlin Dever and Beanie Feldstein delight as two smart girls who sew their wild oats the night before graduation.

1. Never Look Away - German epic about an artist's life before and after World War II. The best three-hour German subtitled epic you'll ever see.