Monday, April 8, 2019

Diane - 2 1/2 Stars/Gloria Bell - 3 Stars

Mary Kay Place plays "Diane," (2 1/2 Stars) a helper to her friends and community.  She starts each day with a list, and never fails her circle of friends.  But her son has drug problems, and her conscience still regrets what she considers a sin from her past.  Most of us recognize the character.  Her story unfolds seamlessly as the years roll by.  "Diane" tells a story of women who help, of community, and the inevitable loss that comes in the years beyond middle age.  "Diane" often gets depressing but ends on a thought provoking note.  "Diane" 2 1/2 Stars not rated.  Does it deliver what it promises?  A woman's story.  Is it entertaining?  Realistically depressing.  Is it worth the price of admission?  For the acting and honesty. 
"Gloria Bell" (3 Stars) avoids depression thanks to Julianne Moore's exuberant performance.  She's divorced, middle aged, and hoping to connect. "Gloria" works by day in an insurance office, but goes dancing by night in various L.A. clubs.  She catches John Turturro's attention and romance blooms in all its painful ups and downs.  "Gloria Bell: 3 Stars Rated "R"  Does it deliver what it promises?  Wonderful performance by Julianne Moore.  Is it entertaining?  Often.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Another honest attempt to tell a woman's story this time with more hope.