Thursday, February 28, 2019

Greta Review - 2½ Stars

"Greta" feels like a dozen "B movie" thrillers (most notably "Fatal Attraction") done with a mother/daughter twist. Chloë Grace Moretz fits as an innocent, starting adult life in New York City. One day on the subway, she sees a purse. When she can't find anyone in the lost & found, she finds the owner's drivers license and brings it to her apartment. Isabelle Huppert oozes sinister vibes as an older French woman, lonely for companionship. Moretz, whose mother has recently died, responds to her offer of friendship, only to discover things aren't nearly as they seem. Director Neil Jordan, best known for "The Crying Game," has plenty of scares, shocks and surprises up his sleeve. Maika Monroe rounds out the cast as Chloe's skeptical roommate. "Greta" rises above the usual, thanks to the grand presence of Isabelle Huppert. I left the theater with my palms sweating. "Greta," 2½ stars, rated "R." Does it deliver what it promises? Above average thriller. Is it entertaining? Some good scares. Is it worth the price of admission? Not great, but has a great performance.