Friday, March 20, 2020

Weekend Movie Guide

Will Ferrell & Julia Louis-Dreyfus (r) star in Downhill

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - 4 Stars. STREAMING. Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers befriends cynical journalist Matthew Rhys in a touching "Can you believe this guy?" story.

Ford v Ferrari - 4 Stars. STREAMING.  Ford Motor's Carroll Shelby & driver Ken Miles pair up to win the Le Mans competition in the 1960s. Matt Damon & Christian Bale, plus great production and an old school script make magic.

Little Women - STREAMING.  4 Stars. Energetic, entertaining reboot of the classic, directed with a sure hand by Greta Gerwig.

Harley Quinn:  Birds of Prey - STREAMING.  3 1/2 Stars.  Outrageous feminist fun.  Margot Robbie and cast kick a**.

Parasite - STREAMING. - 3½ Stars. Korean comedy/horror thriller. Lower class family worms their way into a 1% family. Then fun begins, including a couple of off-the-rails twists.

Jojo Rabbit - 3½ Stars. STEAMING.  A young German boy conjures Hitler as his imaginary friend during World War II. Great acting. Threads the needle between comedy and tragedy.

Emma - STREAMING. 3 Stars.  Beautiful remake of the Jane Austen comedy of manners.

Just Mercy - STREAMING. 3 Stars. Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx performances make this inspirational story worth watching.

1917 - STREAMING. 3 Stars. Sure-handed World War I drama features technical achievement of appearing uncut.

Knives Out - 3 Stars. Gentle parody of classic who-done-it stories. Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer and a cast of thousands.

Blow the Man Down - 2 1/2 Stars.  AMAZON PRIME.  Sisters cover up murder in a fish village full of characters, including whorehouse madam Margo Martindale.

The Gentlemen - STREAMING. 2 1/2 Stars.  Matthew McConaughey and friends laugh their way through a British crime caper.

Bad Boys for Life - 2 1/2 Stars.  Better than expected sequel with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, a new younger cast and a few grandpa jokes.

Downhill - 2 1/2 Stars. Julia Louis-Dreyfu and Will Ferrell comic remake of unnerving Swedish film about an unraveling marriage. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - STREAMING. 2 Stars. Finally! It's over.

Jean Seberg - 1 Star.  Dull biography of American born French new wave actress hounded by FBI for civil rights activism.  Not Kristen Stewart's best.

Didn't See it, Don't Wanna See itIn honor of my increasing grumpiness toward the new world of movies...

Cats - Sorry, but I don't have the brain cells to waste.

Joker - Saw it, wish I hadn't.