Monday, August 27, 2018

The Wife Review - 3 Stars

Glenn Close displays the conflicting emotions of longtime marriage in "The Wife." The story begins as she and husband Jonathan Price receive the call of a lifetime. He has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. As the celebrated writer, Pryce captures the self-centered nature of an acclaimed man. The Nobel achievement touches off a series of receptions leading to their trip to Sweden, in which we watch Close turn invisible. Flashbacks to the couple's early days reveal the roots of this uneven relationship. Close's real life daughter (Annie Starke) adds a nice touch in scenes as Close's younger self. "The Wife" feels more like a play than a movie: It emphasizes dialog and performance. Close's emotions emerge in ice and slowly erupt in fire. "The Wife," rated "R," 3 stars. Does it deliver what it promises? Examination of an uneven marriage. Is it entertaining? An award contender. Is it worth the price of admission? A must-see acting master class.