Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mile 22 Review - Zero Stars

"Mile 22" continues Mark Wahlberg's up-to-now successful partnership with director Peter Berg, a partnership that delivered patriotic, good guy films including "Lone Survivor," "Deepwater Horizon" and "Patriots Day." This project imagines a thriller about a hyperactive, ultra-secret CIA operative named James Silva. Wahlberg plays him triple time, shouting and ranting at speeds beyond most mortals' ability to speak. He must transport rogue policeman Iko Uwais from a Southeast Asian city to a waiting airplane. In exchange for life saving information, the U.S. will transport this mystery man to safety in America. Of course, dark forces don't want this to happen. The result: kung fu brawls, gun play, bombs on the city streets, a massive body count, and a just-in-time delivery leading to a twist, setup in the prologue. "Mile 22" clocks in at an economical 94 minutes. At least it's short, but also loud and a late summer dump of the same old thing. "Mile 22," rated "R," zero stars. Does it deliver what it promises? Murder and mayhem. Is it entertaining? Gave me a headache. Is it worth the price of admission? I wanted to leave after the first 10 minutes.