Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jobs Review - 2 Stars

Ashton Kutcher impersonates Steve Jobs, the genius who created Apple and with it the computer revolution.  Kutcher never gets us beyond knowing that we’re watching Ashton Kutcher.  The scenes of the late 70’s fill the screen with bad fashion and worse cars (Jobs drives a Ford Pinto) but has the effect of looking like the filmmakers tried too hard.  Once Jobs’ idea of the home computer catches fire, “Jobs” turns into big business boardroom drama.  The story moves from Kutcher as student, to Kutcher the inventor, to Kutcher the ruthless businessman, cutting his original team out of the riches he receives from Apple.  Those who know Jobs life story know he loses his company only to be brought back years later to “save” Apple which he does with the invention of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.  Most of Jobs’ philosophy of excellence comes out of Kutcher’s mouth in long winded speeches pitched at a yell.  But they made me want to scream ‘Shut the Blank Up.”   This cartoonish biopic is exactly the kind of movie Steve Jobs would hate.  In spite of that, it caught my attention a few times—just not all of the time.  Does it deliver what it promises?  This movie feels fake.  Is it entertaining?  Too much speechifying.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Watch it on your iPad for free someday down the road.