Monday, November 23, 2015

Creed Review - 3 Stars

“Creed” delivers far beyond expectations.  Up and coming actor Michael B. Jordan, whose break-out role in “Fruitvale Station” makes him an actor to watch, plays the son of Apollo Creed.  Fans remember Apollo as Rocky’s great foe who later became his friend.  Jordan ties into his inborn talent.  He moves to Philadelphia to connect with his father’s old friend.  Stallone won our hearts as “Rocky” with the same kind of realism that made “Marty” so timeless.  “Creed” has a similar feel.  Jordan goes to work, bonds with Stallone and finds a love interest in Tessa Thompson.  Their connection feels genuine.  Once in the ring, the fight sequences include a couple of one take wonders, like something out of Scorsese’s playbook for “Goodfellas” or “Raging Bull.”  The connection between Stallone and Jordan works on many levels.  As for Stallone, when I saw the trailer for “Creed” I laughed out loud thinking “Not again!” But Stallone wins me over in “Creed” partly for stepping aside to let Michael B. Jordan shine and partly for Stallone’s love of his franchise character. Don’t roll your eyes.  “Creed” is pretty good.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Another chapter of the “Rocky” saga enjoyable even for newcomers.  Is it entertaining?  Winning story and performances.  Is it worth the price of admission?  A nice holiday surprise.