Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tracks Review - 2½ Stars

In the 1970’s before cell phones and GPS, Robyn Davidson made a journey across 1700 miles of Australian desert sponsored by National Geographic.  Davidson turned the article into a best selling memoir.  The event took place so long ago I am wondering why the movie arrives only now.  Mia Wasikouska leads four camels and a dog across the desert in quiet believable fashion.  Adam Driver — who continues to make an impact in his appearances — plays the National Geographic photographer assigned to connect and photograph the project — and Davidson’s unlikely love interest.  “Tracks” serves up beautiful photography and a woman’s determination.   I wondered why they didn’t make more of setting the stage of the 1970’s  pre technology world.  Sometimes the film feels like an “Award” effort which makes it an effort to watch.  Does it deliver what it promises? One woman’s journey across the Australian desert.  Is it entertaining?  Slow and quiet and sometimes boring and sometimes awesome.  Is it worth the price of admission?  For the serious that’s for sure.