Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Neighbors Review - 2½ Stars

The very likable Seth Rogen plays a budding adult married to Rose Byrne with an infant girl, a house, and a mortgage.  The house next door comes on the market and a fraternity buys it.  Rogen and Byrne want to be accepted by the boys next door.  They’re barely past their college years and want to seem “cool.”  But the pressures of a child, a family, and a job require sleep.  Even though they make a pact not to, they call the cops and payback begins.  Zac Efron and Dave Franco lead the charge pulling one prank after another, most notably stealing the air bags out of their car and installing them in Seth’s workplace and strategically around his house.  The movie begins with a string of funny and often uncomfortable jokes with several laugh out loud moments.  Zac Efron makes a formidable and believable enemy.  James Franco’s brother Dave adds to the fun, and even delivers a message about the value of getting something academic out of college.  “Neighbors” has a few things to say about college and studying and the need for all of us to grow up.  It gets a little frenetic as it goes along and feels forced toward the end.  I felt uncomfortable watching several scenes of drug use that included the new parents played by Rogen and Byrne.   However, if you’re looking for a laugh — “Neighbors” will deliver it.  Does it deliver what it promises?  “Animal House” “Old School” brand of comedy.  Is it entertaining?  Many laughs.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Not the years best but will make you laugh.