Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sabotage Review - 2 Stars

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a valiant effort to reboot his career in “Sabotage” as  head of a rogue D E A team.  The movie opens with the invasion of a drug lord’s mansion where Arnold and company mow down everyone inside and steal ten million dollars in drug money.  At first we’re not sure but it turns out the money is for them and when they go looking for it (they flush it down a sewer) somebody got there first.  Mystery number one:  who has the money? Next, members of the team start dropping dead, murdered in mysterious ways that seem to indicate cartel payback.  Mystery number two:  who’s doing the killing?  Atlanta policewoman Olivia Williams gets on the case.  She’s cop determined to get to the bottom of this as she pushes Arnold and company for details.  Arnold is looking kinda puffy these days — squinting through the slits he has left for eyes while puffing giant cigars and snarling in his trademark German accent.   Mireille Enos — you may remember her from “The Killing” — steals the movie as a wild child D E A undercover agent half out of her mind on various illegal substances and blowing away good and bad guys with the kind of gunplay that makes strong men shudder. Other great actors include Terrence Howard and Sam Worthington — neither used to good effect. As for the plot, the pay off doesn’t live up to the set up.  Audiences started laughing when the director cut away from a love scene between Arnold and Olivia Williams.  It looked creepy.   A final show down with Arnold felt equally silly.  Does it deliver what it promises?  “R” rated mayhem.  Is it entertaining?  Doesn’t quite live up to the hype.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Save your money.