Friday, November 8, 2013

Dallas Buyers Club Review - 4 Stars

Matthew McConaughey continues his string of great performances in this true story of Ron Woodroof, a blue-collar Dallas rodeo riding good old boy who discovers to his horror that he has contracted the HIV virus, most likely through copious amounts of unprotected sex.  The 1980’s time frame captures the hysteria over the AIDS epidemic as well as the misconception that only gay men get.  Woodroof begins the story as an avowed homophobe but gradually comes to a more humane place thanks to a few visits to support groups and to a friendship with a cross dresser played by Jared Leto.  Together the two discover a business opportunity importing unapproved drugs from Mexico and then from all over the world.   “Dallas Buyers Club” takes on the medical establishment, the little guy versus the big guy, and Gay acceptance.   The script sometimes gets a little overheated but mostly avoids the kind of sentimentality that could have turned this into the usual movie of the week mush.  McConaughey and Leto lose enough weight to draw gasps from viewers and make us believe.  Jennifer Garner adds humanity as a caring doctor who sees both sides.  I believe some day McConaughey will win the Academy Award for acting.  “Dallas Buyers Club” may not be the movie that does it for him but it brings him a step closer.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Fact based compelling drama about the AIDS epidemic.  Is it entertaining?  Very watchable.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Good work.