Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blue Caprice Review - 2½ Stars

“Blue Caprice” tries to explain the dynamic that set Washington DC’s sniper attacks in motion.  Isiah Washington plays a character based on John Allen Muhammad who meets a young homeless teen boy and manipulates him into carrying out a shooting spree.  Tequan Richmond makes the teen believable.  “Blue Caprice” concentrates on the relationship between the two men rather than the crimes they later committed.  I don’t know if there ever will be a good time to view this story.  I do know that in the way of the latest outbreak of mass shootings, “Blue Caprice” is hard to watch and in spite of the subtle manner of the film, hard to recommend.   Does it deliver what it promises?  Story of the relationship that resulted in a frightening crime spree.  Is it entertaining?  Unnerving.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Hard to recommend.