Wednesday, June 19, 2013

World War Z Review - 3 Stars

I’m not sure the world needs another Zombie movie, but Brad Pitt has somehow turned out a shockingly good thriller called “World War Z.”  As the movie begins, Pitt and his family (including the compelling Mireille Enos from “The Killing) get stuck in Philadelphia traffic only to encounter a crazed zombie take over.  Somehow they escape the city and as he has experience with this kind of warfare as a U N specialist, the military airlifts Pitt and his family to their ocean bound headquarters where he is recruited to get to the bottom of things.  This touches off a global adventure as Pitt tries to track down ‘Patient Zero” and find a cure before the disease wipes out the human population.  Several of the episodes rate among the best of recent thrillers, especially the take over – anthill style – of a walled city in Israel, and an outbreak on a jetliner leading to a spectacular crash sequence.  The final act finds Pitt in a lab, needing materials in a Zombie controlled wing.  “World War Z” gets a green light because it goes beyond the usual Zombie stuff into pure thriller mode.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Action thriller which happens to have Zombies.  Is it entertaining?  A real palm sweater.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Much better than expected.