Thursday, May 30, 2013

After Earth Review - 2 Stars

Will Smith puts the spotlight on his son Jaden in this science fiction adventure.  Smith plays a space commander of the future, one thousand years after humans evacuate the earth following an environmental and space alien disaster.  Smith’s son Jaden disappoints his stern father not graduating but remaining a ranger in training.  On a mission together, their spaceship crashes and the abandoned earth provides the only refuge.  Once there, the young boy must retrieve a beacon to bring help.  Smith the elder lies in what’s left of the ship with both legs broken.  This delivers most of the movie to the kid, who is cute and runs and jumps and cries well but might not be ready for this role.  Jaden distinguished himself in the remake of “The karate Kid” so we know the kid can act.  This story merely gives him the role of a young teen disappointing his father while trying to win his love.  Will Smith fans will find it a disappointing to watch Smith as a stern father with a military man’s bearing.  He has to suppress his normally sunny personality.  “After Earth” disappoints after this season’s thrilling “Star Trek” reboot, plus the movie offers few surprises and feels like it takes forever.  The Smiths – father and son – have their loyal fans who most likely will approve.  Others, however, may leave the theater with a shrug.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Will Smith and son in a sci fi adventure.  Is it entertaining?  Disappointing.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Best forgotten.