Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Warm Bodies Review - 3 Stars

Every now and then a movie exceeds expectations so much that I walk out wanting to tell everybody I know about it.  That’s how I feel about “Warm Bodies” which begins with a hilarious voice over explanation of the life of a zombie played by Nicholas Hoult.  We’re not quite sure what happened but it seems Zombies have taken over almost everything on earth except for a walled city ruled by John Malkovich.  Evidently Malkovich’s wife died in a zombie attack.  His daughter—played by blonde beauty Teressa Palmer—joins a brave band of young people who venture beyond the wall looking for food and medicine for the remaining human population.  So our hero from the opening scene — known as “R” — spots the blonde beauty — “Julie” and feels something.  (Have you picked up on the Romeo and Juliet reference?)  Anyway “R” saves her from his fellow zombies and protects her in his zombie world, following her back to her human world where they share a scene under her balcony.  (Get it?  another Romeo and Juliet reference.)   “Warm Bodies” also has a nice spot for comic Rob Cordry as R’s best friend.  What’s the point?  That maybe R’s human feelings and the chance for love could save the world.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Sharp comedy. Is it entertaining?  Creative. Is it worth the price of admission?  A good bet for something fun and different.