Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arbitrage Review - 3 Stars

Richard Gere plays a financial whiz trying to stay one step ahead of the bubble.  On a midnight ride with his mistress, he wrecks his car, leaves her dead in the front seat, slips away as the car explodes and watches her body go up in flames.  He can’t get caught in a scandal because he’s hours away from selling his company—a brokerage in which he has cooked the books (of course) to hide a $400 million dollar plus hole.  The police come looking in the figure of Tim Roth, a “Columbo” style detective.  His family—especially wife Susan Sarandon—suspects something personally and professionally.  The noose tightens and then comes a complete surprise.  “Arbitrage” has great acting and a wonderful script with a knock out punch at the end.  Richard Gere is receiving well deserved Oscar buzz for his slick silver fox.  “Arbitrage” captures the moral ambiguity of our time in a manner that will leave your head spinning.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Great thriller about a financial cheater.  Is it entertaining?  Packs a punch.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Take this one to the bank.