Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hope Springs Review - 3 Stars

Meryl Streep longs to rekindle the magic in her thirty year plus marriage to Tommy Lee Jones.  After initial attempts to get his attention, she signs up and pays for a one week intense couples therapy session in far off Maine.  Tommy Lee goes along but without much interest or passion.  Therapist Steve Carroll plays it straight and adds to the reality.  Although “Hope Springs” has humor, it mostly delivers painful real moments.  Some scenes have Streep and Jones fumbling around like embarrassed teenagers discussing or trying to rediscover sex with each other.  His obstinance gives “Hope Springs” a layer of sadness.  Her pain comes across loud and clear.  After an hour of this, you begin to feel the sadness of a couple that might not make it.  “Hope Springs” gets a huge boost from two of the greatest actors of our time.  The script challenges the viewer and often pushes the audience into thoughts of their own relationships.  Unfortunately the movie ties everything up a little too quickly and a little too pat.  Other than that, “Hope Springs” feels like an oasis for mature audiences.  A movie to which they can relate and even learn a thing or two to improve their lives.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Marriage encounter adult style.  Is it entertaining?  Great acting and great script. Is it worth the price of admission?  The grown up movie of the year.