Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Men in Black 3 Review - 3 Stars

Men in Black 3 recaptures most of the good vibes of the original and gives Will Smith another one of the pleasant comedies  in which he excels.  You remember the original which paired Smith with Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents who rid the world of space alien mischief makers.  Part of the gag comes from the disgusting creatures the filmmakers create.  These include disgusting fish creatures, men with multiple arms, and pod like floaters with ganglia reaching down from the sky.  Oh and lots of slime.  When mere mortals witness something otherworldly, the Men in Black point a nebulizer which makes us forget the whole thing with one flash. This episode recalls “Back to the Future” as Smith jumps back to 1969 to prevent bad guy Jermaine Clement from killing Agent K and ruining their quirky modern day partnership, not to mention saving the world.   That twist allows Josh brolin to impersonate a younger Tommy Lee Jones, giving MIB3 a great hook, and Brolin a great piece of work.   The time travel stories get confusing, but I doubt anyone will care. Emma Thompson has a nice turn as the agency boss and Michael Stuhlbarg adds some interest as “Griff”—a guy with the ability to spin out futuristic scenarios based on small current events.  MIB3 works thanks to a good script that works as a showcase for the oh so likable Will Smith.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Nothing new but fun to watch.  Is it entertaining?  A good time.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Easy to like.