Wednesday, March 7, 2012

John Carter Review - 3 Stars

The Disney Company wants “John Carter” to touch off a series and I think it could happen.  Based on a story written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912 (yeah, a hundred years ago)—John Carter (“Friday Night Lights” hunk Taylor Kitsch) survives the Civil War as a boisterous Confederate only to find himself spirited to Mars where he comes to help a princess (Lynn Collins who looks a lot like the young Carrie Fisher) save her kingdom.   If this sounds a lot like “Star Wars” it’s because George Lucas confirms he used these stories as a basis for his series.  “John Carter” of course lays on the state of the art special effects and a bunch of deep voiced villains.  I particularly liked the mix of earth and Mars and the transitions between the two worlds.   I wonder what adventurers lie in John Carter’s future?  Does it deliver what it promises?  Sci fi adventure.  Is it entertaining?  Great fun to watch.  Is it worth the price of admission?  For fans.