Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Time Review - 3 Stars

I just love the plotline of “In Time.” Set in the future when everyone lives to twenty five and then stops aging. After that you must buy your time on earth. So figure it out. The rich live forever and the poor die young. Justin Timberlake plays a blue collar lad who saves a rich guy from sure death in a tough bar. The rich character suffers a bad case of boredom after living two or so centuries and wants to end it. So he gives a century’s worth of time to Timberlake (all the characters have time clocks imprinted in their arms—a neat idea) and ends it all. Now the newly wealthy Timberlake has the time to visit the richest zone of his land and see how the other half live. He meets financial guru Vincent Kartheiser (the smarmy guy from “Mad Men”) and falls for Vincent’s daughter Amanda Seyfried. But the system’s Timekeepers don’t like poor kids having a lot of time and they aim to repossess his time. Timberlake grabs the girl and off they go on a Patty Hearst style rich versus poor spree. “In Time” zips along thanks to a tight script and really likable performances. Sure you can laugh later at the holes in the script, but this sure is entertaining to watch. Does it deliver what it promises? neat sci fi. Is it entertaining? neat. Is it worth the price of admission? Very fun.